Student Policies and Procedures

Student Dress Code and Code of Conduct

The Youngstown City School District recognizes the need to create an orderly and safe environment conducive to learning. The objective of a dress code is to place emphasis on education, thus eliminating the distraction caused by extremes in dress. The following is the dress code, which will be in effect for this school year.

The Board of Education expects school authorities and parents to regulate students’ appearance as necessary to maintain a smoothly functioning educational system.

YCSD Appropriate Dress Code

Code of Conduct

Youngstown City Schools' Code of Conduct is divided into three levels of misconduct:
Level 1 Behavior (Conduct which impedes orderly operation of classroom or school)
Level 2 Behavior (Illegal and/or serious misconduct - not life or health threatening to others)
Level 3 Behavior (Illegal and/or serious misconduct - potentially life or health threatening)

Student Code of Conduct (2017-2018)
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