Create an IPDP

Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP)

-All Certificated Personnel are required to create an IPDP on PDExpressupon entering the district or as soon as your new license is issued and prior to taking any further University Coursework and/or Professional Development Hours. 

-IPDP must align with District Goals: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and School Climate. 
-IDPD must align with "Standards for Ohio Educators"-- Teachers, Principals, and Professional Development. 
-"Ohio Standards for Professional Development" Booklet must be used when creating your IPDP. 
-Your LPDC Folder will be helpful in guiding you through the process of creating an IPDP and renewing your Educator's License.


PDExpress Tutorial

How to Create an IPDP on PDExpress

Form: Revising My IPDP - Complete this form and send to the Mary Carter@LPDC Office, Room 126, East High School if you would like to add an additional goal/standard or change an existing goal/standard. Additions/Changes to your IPDP cannot be done thru PDExpress.

IPDP Review Response Sheet - This document includes the Holistic Checklist that committee members will be using to review submitted IPDPs- based on the newly updated "Ohio Standards for Professsional Development." You may want to use this as an additional tool in developing your IPDP.

Sample IPDP: Teacher Template  
(All IPDPs must align with Ohio Teacher Standards)

Sample IPDP: Administrator (Principal) Template  
(All IPDPs must align with Ohio Principal Standards)

Sample IPDP: School Counselor
(All IPDPs must align with Ohio School Counselor Standards)

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