Treasurer's Office

Office of the Treasurer Youngstown City School District



Mission Statement


Our mission is to establish and maintain fiscal credibility and provide accurate and timely financial reporting, forecasting, budgeting, and processing as a means of supporting all schools, offices, and personnel within our District as they endeavor to fulfill their respective missions.


Fiscal Procedures, Forms

and Guidelines


Requisition & Purchase Order Guide

Receipts and Bank Deposit Guide 

Vendor Request/Registration Forms

Pay-in Order Form

Student Activities Fund Guide

Student Activities Sales Project Report Form

Student Activities Budget Form

District Mileage Chart

Records Retention/Disposal Forms


Fax: (330) 744-5290
Sherry Tyson   
(330) 744-6964
Fiscal Accountant
Holly Airhart
(330) 744-5764 
Accounting Specialist 
Mark Williams
(330) 744-6962 
Office Support Secretaries
Anna Marie Meranto
(330) 744-6952
Deborah Taylor
(330) 744-6943 
Accounts Payable
Office Support Secretaries  
Beth Laberto
(330) 744-6913
Teresa Cruz
  • Preschool