Department of Psychological Services


Fran Blakey - Non-Public Schools; Leonard Kirtz -

Michael Burke -  Chaney High School, Rayen Early College (REC), Youngstown Early College (YEC)

Helena Chambers - Kirkmere Elementary, William Holmes McGuffey Elementary, Volney Elementary -
Heather Frank - Harding Elementary, Mahoning County High School, Non-Public Schools -

Stephanie Gordon - Gifted Assessments,  Preschool PAINT Assessments,  Paul C Bunn Elementary, Taft  Elementary, Williamson Elementary, Wilson Elementary -

Ashleigh Young - East High School,  Martin Luther King Elementary, MCCTC -


 What do Psychologists do?
Psychologists conduct testing to help determine a student's eligibility for Special Education services.  They conduct classroom observations of students and provide collaborative consultations to teachers, parents and mental health/service providers.  Psychologists provide interpretation of psychological records and data and are members of the building SEAT teams.

What types of assessments do Psychologists conduct?
Psychologists provide the following individualized assessments:

  • Play-based assessments for preschool children (PAINT)
  • Transition testing for special needs preschool students entering Kindergarten
  • Testing for early entrance into Kindergarten
  • Initial assessments for children suspected of  having a disability
  • Triennial evaluations (every 3 years) for continued special education eligibility

How are Psychologists part of the educational Team?
Psychologists assist in determining eligibility for Special Education services. Students suspected of having a disability may be identified as qualifying in one of the following areas: Specific Learning Disability; Cognitive Disability; Autism; Other Health Impaired; Emotional Disturbance; Multiple Disabilities; Hearing Impairment; Visual Impairment; Deaf-Blindness; Orthopedic Impairment; Traumatic Brain Injury; Speech/Language Impairment; or Developmental Delay (Preschool Only).

  • Preschool