RFP Related Services Non-Public


Youngstown City School District

Office of Student Services

July 1, 2019


Request for Proposal for Related Services using IDEA Part B Funding for  Non-Public Schools , grades K-12 Non-Public School Services.

The Youngstown City School District (YCSD) Office of Student Services is soliciting Requests for Proposals for our Non-Public Schools’ IDEA Part B services.  YCSD provides funding to 9 Non-Public Schools for student services identified on the ISP.  These services must be compliant with and the Federal Uniform Guidance for Procurement (Federal Register 2017-09909).

Following is a list of qualifications and guidelines to which the contractor must comply:

 General Accountability for Services:

  • Track and manage daily/weekly hours worked by employees
  • Maintain fiscal records on a routine basis with invoices sent monthly to the District
  • Office of Student Services invoices must be signed by the Non-Public school official who can validate the hours worked by the contracted provider
  • Consult with the YCSD Supervisor of Non-Public Services who will provide Part B allocations to determine instructional time and length at each school
  • The contractor will coordinate a semi-annual review of the programs with the YCSD Non-Public Supervisor

 Request that the following rates for hourly services:

  • Hourly rate for Occupational Therapy
  • Hourly rate for Speech and Hearing Therapy
  • Hourly rate for Students with Learning Disabilities
  • Hourly rate for Consultation Services
  • Hourly rate for Physical Therapy

Non-Public Schools where services will be provided:

  • ACLD Learning Center
  • Akiva Academy
  • Cardinal Mooney High School
  • Potential Development
  • Rich Center for Autism
  • St Christine Elementary School
  • St Joseph the Provider
  • Ursuline High School
  • Valley Christian School

Options For Respondents of RFP

Respondents can bid on all services based on individual service rates or Respondents bid can be placed for a select service. 

To be considered, an emailed bid for the services described above will need to be submitted by 4:00 pm on August 21, 2019.   Address your response to Lori.Kopp@youngstown.k12.oh.us

Award of RFP will be made on August 21, 2019.

  • Preschool